Who We Are

Social. Generous. Inclusive.


We are a 501(c)(7) social club that seeks to promote fun and casual tabletop gameplay. When you come to an event and pay your dues at the door, you're a member--it's that simple! Click on the "Social" above to learn more about Social Clubs from our friends at the IRS.


We want our members to enjoy card games, board games and role-playing games. We also partner with local charities to raise money for those in need, and to teach kids through games like Magic: The Gathering. Click on "Generous" to learn more about just one of our partner initiatives called Extra Life.


We have monthly events at a variety of local game stores and conventions to interact with as many different people as possible. Our signature events are Star City Games Open and Grand Prix Minneapolis, where thousands of Magic players from all walks of life learn about our club.


Read these stories from some of our charity partners!

OATHBREAKER is our fun, fast, and casual multiplayer 60-card singleton format! Choose a planeswalker as your Oathbreaker, then select an instant or sorcery card as your signature spell. See details below:

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